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KONE SiteFlow

Take charge of your worksite logistics

Solve day-to-day logistics challenges immediately on site with practical tools that give you real-time control over how a construction use elevator functions.

Solving logistics challenges

Control your construction elevators

Tap one button in the app to instantly restrict elevator access to specific floors. Use floor-lock as much as you like to save time and avoid costly manual interventions. Read more

Find movable assets faster

Did you know that workers can waste up to 5 hours a week looking for things? Save time on site with quick access to the precise location of equipment, tools and garbage bins.
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Optimize capacity around the clock

See the status of your construction time use elevators in real-time. Know when, where and how your elevators are used to gain insights that ensure continuous capacity. Read more

Investing in efficiency

A simple and user-friendly digital solution

Effortless implementation

KONE SiteFlow takes less than a month to set up. We install, configure and tag assets for you while providing peace of mind through training and unlimited support calls.

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Complete privacy

Data security is a built-in feature with full GDPR compliance. Adapt to the privacy needs of local regulations and workplace culture with full control over how data is collected.

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Invest in productivity

Digital workflow optimization costs less than you'd think. KONE SiteFlow speeds up people and material flow on site for about the same cost as adding an external hoist.

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Find out more

Get to know KONE SiteFlow

How construction sites are helping their workers upskill with digitalization and AI

"Transforming processes can drive construction acceleration up to 60% and reduce cost to as low as 20%"

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Why use KONE construction lifts over external hoists?

By integrating the lift system early in the construction process, time on site is optimised, directly contributing to increased project profitability.

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Upgrading shipyard logistics for maximum productivity

How Meyer & KONE transformed people and material flow logistics in the shipyard to eliminate bottlenecks.

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10 steps to master your construction site logistics

Learn about practical steps which help in mastering your construction site logistics effortlessly and efficiently.

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